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Phoenix, AZ. “I had the opportunity to sit down with Dick Tinkham, co-founder of the original ABA and the original Indiana Pacers and also co-founder of the current ABA,” stated ABA CEO Ron Tilley.  “We spoke about the similarities and the differences between the original and the current ABA.  It was truly an exciting conversation for me.”
“When the original ABA started, the NBA thought it had all of the best players in the world,” stated Mr. Tinkham.  “And they did have some really great players including Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elgin Baylor etc.  But they didn’t have Dr. J, George Gervin, Spencer Haywood, Connie Hawkins, Roger Brown, David Thompson, Rick Barry, Mel Daniels,
George McGinnis, Dan Issel, Artis Gilmore and so many others.  We did.  And there’s no doubt that the ABA was as good or better on the court than the NBA as the future proved following the merger.”

“It follows that there must be hundreds if not thousands of great players throughout the world that are not in the NBA, and I would expect that the ABA, with over 1000 players, has many of them, added Mr. Tinkham.  “The current ABA is allowing so many players the opportunity to compete on the professional level just as we did in the 60s and 70s.  And the ABA is still fan-friendly and affordable, just like the original, and has continued to innovate with creative new rules as we did.”

“Some of the stories about the original ABA were incredible,” Tilley continued.  “I really hope that the 21st Century version can have a similar impact on the game.  Fans will have an opportunity to judge for themselves when they watch ABA games on ESPNWatch this season.”



Phoenix, AZ.  Speaking before a group of reporters, Ron Tilley, ABA CEO, was asked, “what will make the ABA different this year from past years?”  His answer – “The ABA is bigger, better and bolder than ever before.”  Tilley continued, “as we enter into our 14th season, we will have almost 90 teams competing for the ABA Championship, making the ABA the largest professional sports league in the US by far and of course, we are the most diversified also with about 75% of our teams owned by African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women. No other professional sports league has ever even come close to such inclusion of minorities.”
“Size is only part of the equation. With the opening of new offices in Phoenix and the addition of an enlarged new management, staff, interns and volunteers, we have been able to work closely with the teams to improve venues, standards and requirements, game day operations and a host of other things that will make the ABA game experience better than ever.  And, we will be introducing a variety of new league initiatives that will be as breakthrough as the red, white and blue ball, 3-D and our ABA rules that make the ABA game faster paced, higher scoring and even more exciting.”
“And of course, this year, fans throughout the country will have an opportunity to see it all on ESPNWatch, the digital platform of ESPN that has over 100,000,000 devices to view the games. We are very excited about the season that begins on November 8th.  For more information, visit



Phoenix, AZ.  “One of the elements of the ABA of which we are most proud is our officials’ program; we think it is one of the best in professional sports,” stated Ron Tilley, ABA CEO.  “The ABA Officiating staff/program has been in place since day one of the return of the ABA in 2000, the entire time under the direction and supervision of Tom Chichester, ABA Director of Officials.”
The ABA officiating staff is made up of a group of men and women from almost every state in the US plus Canada.  Most officials on board are also part of NCAA Division I, II, III staff.  All work extremely hard as well during their off-season to enhance their skills within their craft of officiating by attending various training camps, both NCAA and ABA.
“They are professionals from many walks of life,” commented Chichester.  “From teachers, lawyers, doctors, business owners, nurses, school administrators, construction workers/contractors, Real Estate Agents, pilots, to NFL official, private investigators, politicans, scientists, policemen, firefighters, military and many other vocations.”
“Even though thre are many areas of professionalism from which they come,” Chichester continued, “they all share at least this one thing in common..that is a passion officiating the great game of basketball and also the excitement they hold in working and being part of one of the most exciting games of basketball being played anywhere in the world – The ABA Game.
“We are very fortunate to have such a group of dedicated and professional people as these on board,” added Tilley.  “Fans can always be sure of a well-officiated and managed game when these refs are working the hardwoods of the ABA.”  For more information, visit


3-D and the ABA Rules

Phoenix, AZ.  “One of the things we are most excited about this season is that so many new fans will be able to watch ABA games on ESPN and be able to see why the ABA is exciting, fast paced and high scoring basketball,” stated Dan McClintock, ABA VP of Basketball Operations. 

“The original ABA was a league of innovation including the red, white and blue ball, slam dunks and other interesting changes to the game.  The current ABA follows a similar path, combining the best of the NBA, NCAA and international rules with the most exciting being 3-D, the signature rule of the ABA.  If there is a turnover in the back court and basket is scored, the team gets an extra point; if a player hits a 3-point shot, it’s worth 4 points. This makes the ABA game a full court game, not a half-court, one-on-one game.”
“With zone defenses, 7-second time line, unique overtime rules, plus our allowing players who foul out to re-enter the game,” continued McClintock, “it makes the ABA game fun to watch for the whole family.  And now many new people will have the opportunity to see it on WatchESPN.”  For more information on ABA Rules or WatchESPN, visit


Phoenix, AZ. The American Basketball Association (ABA), today announced that it will launch an ABA Channel on PublicVine ( before the end of September 2014. The ABA Channel will present interesting and exciting videos from ABA teams. “We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting new digital platform,” stated ABA CEO Ron Tilley. “Now fans worldwide will get a chance to see some of the highlights of ABA games from teams throughout the league and scouts will have a chance to see some of the extraordinary talent we have. What’s more, the ABA, its fans, and favorite social causes will make money every time a video is rented or bought from the ABA Channel. A great relationship.”

PublicVine is the online and mobile social video marketplace that enables video vendors (creators, producers, publishers, distributors of “for-fee” video content, including film-makers) and consumers to connect, transact and get paid. This “video shopping” mall in the cloud” is a change in paradigm that aims to do for video what Google did for search and Amazon did for retail. And it plans to level the economic playing field in the process by building social video systems that are transparent, fair and safe.

PublicVine enables over 90 percent of the world’s 3 billion smartphone and 2 billion laptop users to directly access video vendors’ videos. Because video vendors set up and run their own channels and video stores, PublicVine is more commercially scalable than Netflix, offers fairer vendor terms than YouTube, and, unlike iTunes, makes it possible for both vendors and consumers to get paid.

Located in Florence, AL, PublicVine was designed by Nam Mokwunye, was launched in June 2014, and is registering video vendors the world over. “We are excited that the ABA is set to become the first basketball association to become a video vendor on PublicVine where it will make its game, blooper, and show time videos available to a global audience,” added Mokwunye. “It’s a win-win situation for the league, the teams, and the fans.”



IMG_21311764016332Phoenix, AZ. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Delta Storm, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas will be returning to the league starting in January. “We are very pleased to have Johnny Lomack and the Delta Storm back after a 3-year hiatus,” stated ABA CEO Ron Tilley. “He had an excellent team before and we can expect the same again. The Delta Storm is well located also and will be playing teams in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri.”

“It feels great to be back knowing more and feeling more refreshed from a knowledge standpoint of the business of basketball,” added Lomack. “Can’t wait to have the first tryouts; it’s going to be awesome and the Delta Storm will be coming back much bigger and more professional. It is a real blessing to be reinstated into the ABA.”

For more information, call Johnny Lomack at 870 995 0948 or email or visit