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It was a great weekend of ABA basketball throughout the League with last second wins in Pittsburgh and Detroit and an ESPN Game of the Week in Chicago. I would like to thank all of you for for your hard work in making this a successful weekend.


There will be some changes in the Power Rankings this week. I will be sending them out tomorrow in my CEO Memo. Bellow are the weekend scores:


ABA Games November 21-23, 2014


Friday Games

Away                          Home

11/21/2014 Chicago Fury 99 Milwaukee Rim Rattlers 87
11/21/2014 Calgary Crush 113 Vancouver Balloholics 91


Saturday Games

Away                                                     Home

11/22/2014 Motor City Firebirds 101 Chicago Steam 129
11/22/2014 DMV Kings (Travel) 103 Greenville Galaxy 91
11/22/2014 North Carolina Coyotes 119 Baltimore Hawks 124
11/22/2014 Hampton Roads 112 Richmond Elite 119
11/22/2014 Oakland County Cowboys 77 West Michigan Lake 116
11/22/2014 Calgary Crush 105 Kitsap Admirals 93
11/22/2014 Fayetteville Flight 106 Steel City Yellowjackets 107
11/22/2014 Staten Island Vipers 153 Philadelphia Spirit 179
11/22/2014 Memphis Lions 150 Delta Storm 84
11/22/2014 Miami Midnites 106 South Coast Fire 94
11/22/2014 Orange County Novastars 131 San Diego Surf 104

11/22/2014   North Texas Fresh                 45 Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks 144


Sunday Games

Away                                                     Home

11/23/2014 Gainesville Heat 78 Atlanta Wildcats 180
11/23/2014 Texas Fuel 96 Sugarland Legends 105
11/23/2014 Southwest Warriors 77 Bowling Green Bandits 121
11/23/2014 West Michigan Lake Hawks 118 Team Network 115
11/23/2014 Jackson Showboats 95 Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks 149
11/23/2014 Miami Midnites 87 South Coast Fire 77
11/23/2014 Motor City Firebirds 118 Indy Naptown All-Stars 125
11/23/2014 Birmingham Blitz 118 Memphis Lions 127
11/23/2014 Montgomery Blackhawks 117 Mobile Bay Tornados 137
11/23/2014 North Carolina Coyotes 110 Travel Team DMV Kings 117
11/23/2014 Chicago Fury 89 Libertyville Vipers 104



Away                                                     Home

11/22/2014 Providence Sky Chiefs W Jersey Express L
11/22/2014 Detroit Coast II Coast All-Stars L Milwaukee Rim Rattlers W


Exhibition Game

Away                                   Home

11/23/2014 Savannah Cavaliers 103 Atlanta Aliens 133


As we move into the holidays I reflect back on the many things I have to be thankful for and at the top of the list is my family and friends. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and wish you all the best for the remaining ABA season.