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Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) ended its regular season on Sunday, March 2nd and with wins be the top four teams, there was no change in the Power Rankings for the week.  “And now we’re set for the playoffs,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “We believe that the Top 4 teams in the Power Rankings represent the best in the ABA and it is for the other 28 teams competing in the playoffs to show that we got it wrong.  And there are many teams that are ready to do just that we open the first round next weekend in six cities.”

1.  Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks
2.  Jacksonville Giants
3.  South Florida GOLD
4.  Bay Area Matrix
5.  Arizona Scorpions
6.  Chicago Steam
7.  Richmond Elite
8.  North Dallas Vandals
9.  Atlanta Wildcats
10. Colorado Kings
11. Oakland County Firebirds
12. Jersey Express
13. Texas FUEL
14. West Michigan Lake Hawks
15. West Texas Whirlwinds
16. Orange County Novastars
17. Montgomery Blackhawks
18. Mobile Bay Tornados
19. Charleston Lions
20 Lakewood Panthers
21. Calgary Crush
22. Seattle Mountaineers
23. Birmingham Blitz
24. Fayetteville Flight
25. Conway Cyclones
26. Missouri Rhythm
27. Inland Empire Invaders
28. Carolina Coyotes
29. Central Valley Titans
30. Fresno Griffins
31. Gainesville Heat
32. San Francisco Rumble

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