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Owner: Kendalle Delaney
P:  (773) 870 7759 or (612) 314 353
Website:  TBA


Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) has added the Minnesota Rattlers based in Minneapolis to its roster of teams that will again begin play in November.  “We decided to do this because the team is owned by Kandalle Delaney, who has been operating the ABA Chicago Fury travel team for the past several years,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “And when Kendalle said he could get the team prepared to play in November, based on his past performance, we believed he could. He is an excellent owner.”
Kendalle is the head track and field coach at Orr Academy High School and was an assistant coach for USA Track and Field and AAU.  A career athlete who has been running track and playing football since the age of 6, he is the father of three kids and is also a high school educator.
“We’re thrilled to be in the great city of Minneapolis,” stated Delaney.  “We are excited about bringing
an affordable family entertainment basketball team that is going to bring a new flavor of up-tempo basketball.  I personally want the Rattlers to be the next best thing to standout in the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis because I believe every city should have the opportunity o compete in top level competition.”
For more information, call 773 870 7759 or 612 314 5353 or email or visit


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Vancouver BC.  Victory Sports Camps, located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia will hold their first free agent camp on July 22nd at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (3700 Willingdon Avenue) Burnaby BC at 6pm for the Vancouver Balloholics ABA team.  Players will be selected to advance to future camps leading up to the exhibition season and league play.
Victory Sports Camps is a nonprofit located in Burnaby BC offering a whole child youth basketball program
for children from grades 2-12.  As a new member of the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 2014, rhe
addition of the men’s team to the program is designed to help show and guide our students the complete
path to success in basketball and life.
The ABA is the largest professional sports league in the US and Canada and will have 40 games televised live on ESPN ( for the first time.
Players can register for tryouts online at
For more information, visit or email or call 604 800 3539
or visit


Los Angeles, CA.  The 2014 ABA Summer Pro Basketball League Draft is getting ready to start in Los Angeles CA, Detroit MI, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Jackson MS, Baltimore MD, Memphis TN, Fayetteville NC, Charleston SC and Houston TX.
The New England Region of the ABA Summer :Pro Basketball League completed their draft on June 6th with 36 players being drafted.  10 other ABASPBL cities will begin conducting their draft during the next two weeks.  There is still time for players top enter the draft.  Time is of the essence, so it is extremely important that you visit the official ABASPBL website at http://ABASPBL.COM for complete information on how you
can enter the draft.
In addition to entering the ABASPBL draft, players will be placed on an ABA Summer Pro Basketball League team.  They will play 8 scheduled games plus playoffs.  Teams must qualify for the playoffs.  Players will compete against the highest level of competition and earn pro status.  Game film will be available.
The ABASPBL provides basketball players with maximum exposure. Pro coaches, pro team owners,  pro agents, pro international teams and NBA scouts will be in attendance at the games or will utilize the official ABASPBL website in their recruiting efforts.
The Los Angeles SLAM of the ABA will be conducting the West Coast ABA Summer Pro Basketball League Draft next Sunday June 22 from 6pm to 10pm at the Next Level Sports Complex located at 12821 Knott St, Garden Grove CA 92841.  All players wishing to enter the West Coast Draft must sign up at  For more information, please call Don Sanchez at 818 572 5332.  Or visit