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ABA Adds Chicago Court Kingz

Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Chicago Court Kingz  based in Chicago, IL will begin play next season.  “The Chicago Steam has set the pace for Southside Chicago,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “And now we have a great new ownership group to play on the Northside. A perfect fit.”

The owner of the Chicago Court Kingz is Unique Starz Sports & Entertainment (, headed by Sonya Nichols, WABA CEO and Joe Phillips, Unique Starz COO.  “Having an ABA team in Chicago is always great news with the dedicated sports fans in the area and we are position to bring life to the dreams of both our players and our organization,” stated Phillips.  “Chicago is a great city and certainly deserving of high quality basketball and entertainment at affordable prices.  We think the new Unique Starz Court Kings will be very successful here with our wealth of experience and passion for the game.”

The two owners have proven themselves to be very capable owners and are doing quite well with their basketball club team.  They attained a record of 12-1 to date in local Pro-Am play and they are both confident that they can mirror that success professionally in the ABA.

“Operating a professional sports team is not easy by any means,” added Nichols.  “Ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandising, media, press/media relations, community relations, special promotions and so many other things go into a successful operation.  We have learned so much from previous experience with multiple leagues and understand that if we continue to follow the ABA business model, we can duplicate our success for this upcoming season.”

For more information, contact J. Phillips at or call 312 857 5291 or S. Nichols at or call 312 857 6403 or visit or


Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that a special  pre-season ticket sale will be coming soon . “This  will be a great opportunity for fans to save on season tickets and single-game  tickets for every ABA game in every ABA city,” stated Joe Newman,  ABA CEO.

“The American Basketball Association” is the world’s largest and most diversified entertainment and  sports league in the world. For the first time ever the fan will get music infused with sports for one price for a great night out of affordable family fun filled entertainment that is cheaper than most movie tickets for the price of admission.  Complete details will be forthcoming shortly.  For more information, visit